Being a teacher provides you with many exciting opportunities one of these is travelling with a group of students to overseas destinations, essentially marking the world your classroom! The learning experiences on an EWT Tour are enormous and our Group leaders (teachers) are supported from the first assembly to arriving back in Australia after an experience of a lifetime for all involved.

The responsibilities of a Group Leader focus on leading, managing and caring for their group of students all the time supported by EWT staff during the hotel and hosting sections of the itinerary.

By contacting EWT ([email protected]) you can find out more about becoming a G’Day USA Cultural Exchange Group Leader for your school or community.

Since 1988 hundreds and hundreds of teachers have enjoyed the experience of being a Group Leader, many having travelled more than 10 times! We asked them about what they believed were the benefits of being a G’Day USA Group Leader and they said………


I have enjoyed this tour so much that I will not hesitate to take the third trip. I took sixteen students to G’day USA trip and this was awesome and a good way to spend your holidays. We met some fantastic American families and became friends.

For the students this trip was life changing and very exciting as they had tears when they left the host families because they got so much attached to them in 10 days. In twenty days students get a great experience on hosting with a family, going to school with the host brothers and sisters and touring around. They improve their time management skills and built self confidence that comes with the travel.

EWT staff are great support and they make your travelling very easy by organising it in a great way where buses and coaches are all on time and they are at your assistance any time you need them. They communicate to you in such a polite way that feel you are respected and this give a leader great confidences. I would be so happy to recommend trip to any teacher or student as this is fantastic way of spending your holidays.

As a teacher this trip helps me build good leadership skills and each time you travel you get better in dealing with situations. This trip is rewarding for teachers to travel overseas with a group of teenagers and fellow teachers as during the twenty days you became a large family staying together. The jokes and laughter you share during the trip are hilarious.