About Us
Educational World Travel (EWT) is a Group Travel Company with 25 years’ experience

EWT organises and delivers safe, fun, educational tours and programs to overseas destinations such as North America, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. EWT is ATAS accredited and a leader in short term student exchange programs.

EWT offers teachers and students the opportunity to travel as a group during school holidays; we specifically cater for cultural, education, community service and music performance tours.

EWT tours provide students with a greater sense of responsibility, self-reliance and self-esteem. Students return with an increased awareness of working co-operatively as part of a team as well as a greater understanding and tolerance of people from different cultures.

EWT has a multicultural staff committed and expert in supporting all travellers, students or teachers and their parents and schools to have an experience of a lifetime.

EWT has in recent years formed strategic alliances with other likeminded organisations both in Australia and overseas to develop and support community service projects in disadvantaged communities throughout Asia and the Pacific. This work is seen as our Corporate responsibility and as such allows EWT to give back into communities and support Australian students to make a difference.