An EWT tour is right for your child because…

EWT takes pride in making every tour and every student experience the best it can be as well as ensuring all travellers are supported and safe throughout their program. EWT is hands on, assisting parents, teachers and schools to organise and deliver tours to exciting destinations with rich educational opportunities and experiences for all travellers.

EWT is a leader in group student travel with a dedicated and friendly staff team supporting parents from the day you sign up your son or daughter for a tour right up until they return home to you after experiencing another country and a different culture! 

Want to know what parents have said about their child’s EWT tour experience? Well you can by reading the feedback that we have received about our organised tours over many years.


I feel as though my daughter has returned home as a much more confident and happy person. EWT has opened her eyes to the world and the realisation that she can make friends wherever she goes.

James came back a different person. Full of adventure and a desire to see more, great to see!

Highly recommend EWT! I wish all kids could have the amazing experiences that EWT provide. Travel truly is the best gift we can give our kids.

It was very difficult to see our daughter off at the airport, knowing that she was going so far away but it turned out to be such a wonderful experience for the whole family. She was able to develop her skills in managing situations that placed her outside her comfort zone; as a result she realised that she is a very capable young lady!

Sam had the best time. He came back with amazing confidence and also has jumped into Year 12 enthusiastically – mainly because he wants to travel again and understands the importance of studying so that he can do a course that will allow him to travel

He has grown in the areas of decision making and budgeting as well as learning to start conversations with people he does not know.