Imagine the opportunity to travel overseas visiting countries such as the United States, China, France or Cambodia and Vietnam. Imagine travelling with your friends exploring historical sites, performing at world famous venues, immersing yourself in a foreign language, making a difference through a community service project, experiencing Disneyland and Universal Studios or actually living with an American family. 
Experience and enjoy an EWT tour like so many students have from across Australia over the last 20 plus years. You too can have an experience of a lifetime on an EWT tour!

Want to know what travellers have said about their EWT tour experience? Well you can by reading the feedback that we have received about our organised tours over many years.


I would just like to thank you all so much for giving me the experience of a lifetime. Going to America to stay with a beautiful family and go to some of the most extraordinary places that I have always wanted to go to was by far the best thing I have ever done in my entire life.

Seeing and experiencing how people in third world countries live and their customs was life changing.

EWT gave us a great culturally and academically enriching experiencethat was so exciting and fun!

I realised how grateful I need to be for everything I have. The kids and the family over there were so happy with everything we gave them, and seeing that has definitely changed me as a person. I think everyone on this trip came back seeing things from a different perspective, and I know I most definitely did!

The EWT tour was a great journey and an experience of a lifetime! Travelling to the USA with my friends was so much fun, meeting my host family was challenging but we are now great friends!

The experience which came from this project was priceless!

Since returning we have seen photos of the project and feel proud of what we have done and what our school community had avchieved.

I had an incredible time and I cannot thank you enough. This is the best program, and I wish I could go and do it all again - because I would! In a heartbeat! Thanks again for the amazing and incredible experience xxx